Pitstop youth workshops

What is it?

Pit-Stop Craft Club is a fun and enjoyable club for young people that like to meet up and make anything crafty or useful. We encourage young minds to come up with craft or model making ideas and in return, we support them by making their ideas come true.

Our volunteers are friendly, and the atmosphere is light-hearted and fun. We welcome a parent or guardian to stay with their young person if that helps them feel more comfortable and free refreshments are always available.

Club dates are arranged by our group leader Lynne, and meet ups are mostly in the evenings 6pm onwards. Our groups are small, fun and always very enjoyable.

Pit-Stop Craft Club is always looking for any donations of craft materials or items that we can use on our club evenings. If you can help support or wish to donate any useful items please contact our Pit-Stop Craft Club group leader Lynne: 01424 532180. Your support will be very much appreciated.

Pit-Stop Craft Club Meets up at different times of the year to celebrate various occasions such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas. We also try to support Bexhill Carnival and meet up mid-summer during the schools half term.

For more information on pitstop craft club please contact Lynne
01424-532180 / pitstoptrust@gmail.com


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