Drop-in Hub

What is it?

Our new Drop-In Hub provides a safe space for any young person who needs or wishes to sit down with a cuppa and take ‘time out’ from what can be a demanding or stressful time in their lives. We are here to listen and support them.

The Pit-Stop Hub is known for its peaceful and relaxing environment, but it is also designed so that can be used for a multitude of different small events, group meetings or functions. At the rear of the Hub is our busy main office. It’s also the place where we keep the emergency chocolate biscuits.
Also based within our Pit-Stop Hub is our sexual health outreach team. A small yet well-trained team who can advise and support on a wide range of subjects from registering a young person on the C-Card scheme, to providing information and advice on health and wellbeing topics, including STDs and HIV, plus information on the new free ‘finger prick’ HIV Testing Kits.

We also provide a safe fortnightly meeting space at the Hub for young people who are LGBT+ or who may be interested in LGBT+ activities. Our Hub is also a meeting base for our Monthly HIV group for young people who are affected by HIV or wish to find out more information.
With continued grant funding Pit-Stop is able to provide free refreshments and regular healthy meals out for both Hub groups.

For more information on our LGBT+ & HIV Support groups at the Hub please contact Ben
01424-532180 / pitstoptrust@gmail.com


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